Here is the list of some crypto and privacy projects.
Please read all manuals, docs and software might be buggy or/and broken. Verify all checksums and/or signatures after downloading!
Crypto is not easy and multidependent on your tools and your digital behavior. You need to learn a bit of basic internet technology.
I do not take any responsibility for any content or functionality of the following:

Generally: be stingy with your personal data! Everywhere! Always!
No backups to "cloud services".

Tool What? Plattform URL Howto Comment
Tor Browser anonymous browsing OSX, Linux, Win
OpenPGP email encryption OSX
Enigmail encryption module for Mozilla mail clients Mozilla MUA
Box Cryptor cloud storage encryption (for e.g. dropbox) OSX, iOS, Win, Linux, Android
Adium chat client, supports OTR OSX, iOS, Win, Linux, Android pls use a thustworthy XMPP server
switch off your chatlogs (Chelsea Manning unfortuneatly didn't )
Chat Secure mobile chat client, supports OTR iOS pls use a thustworthy XMPP server
Threema mobile chat client with end-to-end encryption iOS, Android no phone nr or email necessary, make a backup
user has no control about keys, communication runs through a server in switzerland
Hoccer XO privat chat client iOS Berlin based, Privacy Statement: privat chat client iOS, Android Sweden based, by Peter Sunde (,, et al
iPGmail email encryption iOS if you loose your phone, key is lost and compromised, too. only use with remotewipe. or designated key. tricky...
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