Here is a case of how to use the LANbox LCX as an Art-Net to DMX512 converter and use an iphone with Luminair to controll 512 DMX channels.

  1. Setup a wireless network (e.g. plug the LCX in to an wireless router) and give an IP to the router (e.g.  which is in the same range as the LCX IP address)
  1. Connect with your laptop to your network (give the computer a fixed IP in the same range as the router and the LCX)
  1. Connect to the LANbox and go to the “Comm“ tab in the Global Settings of LCedit v3.5 and fill in the router IP address in the “Gateway IP“ window.
  2. In the Global Settings under the UDP tab check the box “Art-Net universe“ in the bottom part of the window (LANbox UDP input settings).  In case of 1 universe leave the two numbers on 0
  1. Behind “to light channels“ fill in 1-512
  1. Check the button for “mixer“  (At the moment sending DMX info over Art-Net can only go straight to the mixer, not to a specific layer) Click “OK“. The LANbox is now setup to recieve Art-Net.  If you want the LCX also to broadcast Art-Net then you have to make other settings in the “Lanbox UDP output settings“ (also under the UDP tab)
  1. Connect with your iPhone to your wireless network and give your iPhone a fixed IP in the same range as the LCX and the router (e.g.
  1. Open Luminair app on the phone and start playing around.
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